Holmens Herrekipering

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    A wide assortment of fashionable quality clothing and current brands, which customers are happy and feel representative of, to be sold with high service and stable prices for quality conscious men.

    This means that we have the largest selection of quality men's clothing in the Gothenburg region. It is easy to shop by car, parking is usually free at your doorstep and it's all you need from the classically stylish way to trendy fashion.

    We only sell clothing from selected quality brands. We are independent from vendors and free choice of brands where we believe the price, quality and model are in harmony. Throughout your purchase, you will be serviced by a knowledgeable salesperson. Would the clothes for some reason not fit so we have our own tailor who change clothes at the right width and length, usually while you wait. You can always count on our prices. Sales tactics, namely only once a year - during the few days in late September.

    Kilsgatan 12
    +46 31 - 61 98 33